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Alman Partners True Wealth

Alman Partners is a CEFEX certified investment and financial planning firm with offices in Mackay and Brisbane.

With a desire to add an additional layer of oversight and rigour to their existing analysis and portfolio monitoring, Alman Partners found Consilium were able to provide the level of investment expertise and objective reporting they were looking for.

Find out more about the benefits of utilising an outsourced portfolio monitoring service.

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Client Testimonials

We have been lucky enough to have the Consilium team working with us for a number of years. Through Consilium, we have been exposed to how the best advisers in the world operate and this has changed our business.

We thought we were signing up for a research team to help us research investment products. In actual fact, what we got was so much more than research. With the help of Consilium, we have transformed our business to a well-oiled machine, improved profitability, improved prospect turnaround time, streamlined our advice process and most importantly, improved the investment experience our clients receive. They are a key part of our team and are focused on helping independent advisers like us achieve our dreams.

— Jared Campbell


Consilium live and breathe adding value and support to help financial advisers to provide quality, valuable advice. I have been in the profession for over 20 years and as a result of working with the Consilium team, I have been able to enhance my service offering by focussing more on value add planning.

Consilium constantly focus on helping us operate more efficiently, creating a more scalable business while incorporating best practice from both NZ and globally. As a business owner, the support and guidance I have received from Consilium has been invaluable. While they have helped me grow as an adviser, as a business owner they have been a great sounding board on challenges and opportunities I have faced, and they have facilitated contact with like-minded, professional advisers.

— Michael Shears


Working with Consilium, as well as unwavering assistance with our growth strategy and execution, we’re able to rely on a really solid baseline to support all other functions that are not 100% growth focused.

In a nutshell, if we want to, we can focus all of our own effort on growth and be ably helped to do so. If we want to add our own efforts to varying degrees to non-growth activities, we have that option should we so choose.

We have the choice to pick from the palette of Consilium services that suit us best.

— Philip Stevenson

Consilium have provided me all the tools, support and confidence that has enabled me to have the success that I have enjoyed over the first six months of my new company. I now have a successful and growing business, and a large part of that is due to the Consilium team. Yes, they provide all the hard tools, templates, platform, investment portfolios, process and governance that can help do the job better, but it is all the soft skills that will ultimately make me a better adviser, and have a more credible firm.

I would recommend anyone to work with the world class team at Consilium.

— Hamish Kember